Terms and Conditions



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1 Definitions

1.1 “Seller” means Pentland Format Office Supplies

1.2 “Customer” means the buyer of the goods under the contract.

1.3 “Web Site” means the Pentland Format Web Site.

1.4 “Contract” means the agreement between seller and customer to buy goods.

1.5 “Goods” means the goods which are bought and sold under the contract.


2 Purchase and Sale

2.1 The customer undertakes to honour the contract which is formed upon agreement to purchase goods from the web site .

2.2 The seller undertakes to supply the goods as agreed within the terms and conditions of the contract.

2.3 The seller will only accept an offer to buy where the customer has agreed to the terms and an order confirmation document has been despatched to the customer.

2.4 The goods which constitute the web site catalogue are for display purposes only. The seller reserves the right to alter the contents, as required, without compromising the quality or functionality of the goods.

2.5 Postage stamps can only be ordered as an additional item to your orders. Cannot be ordered as a stand alone item.

2.6 No alteration to these terms and conditions will be accepted other than by prior written agreement between seller and customer.


3 Price

3.1 The price to be paid for the goods which are contracted for will be the list price. Any prior arrangements for a reduction in list price will be taken into consideration when invoicing.

3.2 A separate delivery charge will be levied on all goods which are delivered outwith a radius of 50 miles of the seller.

That delivery charge will be agreed before the goods are despatched.

3.3 The price of the goods is exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be added at the time of invoicing.


4 Payment

4.1 Payment for the goods supplied will be made on the following basis:

For customers who already have an account with the seller the payment terms will be as already agreed

For customers who do not have an account payment may be made by BACS, credit or debit card, by cheque or in cash.

4.2 Possession of the goods will remain with the seller until all funds have been cleared. The customer will undertake to keep the goods in returnable condition and in a specific location until such clearance has been received.

4.3 The seller reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 3% above the Bank of England base rate which is in force at the time on any debt which has been outstanding for longer than the standard agreed terms.


5 Delivery

5.1 Goods will be deemed to have been delivered where they have been passed to a third party postal service and/or courier for onward transmission or the seller has endeavoured to deliver the goods to the customer’s business premises.

5.2 The seller will exercise reasonable effort to ensure that delivery takes place on time but cannot be held responsible where the customer is not available to accept delivery.

5.3 Where the customer has arranged to collect the goods they must be collected within seven days. Outwith this period the seller can arrange to charge the customer for storage.

5.4 The latest ordering time for a next day delivery is 4.30pm. Orders which arrive after that time will be presumed to apply to the following day.

5.5 The normal working week is Monday to Friday and the normal working day is 8.30am to 5.00pm


6 Warranties and Liabilities

6.1 The seller warrants that all goods sold through the website will be fit for use as described, that they will be free from defect in materials and/or workmanship and will conform to the agreed specification.

6.2 Provided that the customer’s usage of the product(s) conforms with standard practise normal warranties will apply. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear, wilful damage and misuse.

6.3 The customer must advise the seller of any defects and/or shortages within a period of 24 hours from receipt of goods.

6.4 Where goods are deemed not suitable for the purpose ordered and the seller agrees, the customer may return the goods and a credit note will be issued for original value.

6.5 The maximum liability of the seller under any claim made by the customer shall be the repair of the goods, replacement of the goods or refund of the original purchase price. The seller shall have no liability for any other damages, costs, expenses, loss of profit, loss of business or any other consequential loss as a result of the failure of the goods to meet the original specification or to be in any other way defective.

6.6 Any information contained on the seller’s website constitutes only an offer to trade. It does not constitute a contract until such time as the seller has accepted the customer’s offer to purchase.

6.7 The seller reserves the right to update the website at any time without prior notice.


7 Risk

7.1 The risk for any loss, damage or destruction of the goods shall pass to the customer:

(1) When the goods are collected by the customer from the seller’s premises

(2) When the seller despatches the goods by post or puts them in the hands of a courier

(3) On the expiry of seven days from the date of confirmation of the contract.


8 Title

8.1 Although the goods may have been delivered and risk on the goods has passed to the customer the seller still retains title to the goods until such time as full payment has been received. Such payment will include VAT and any delivery charges as previously agreed.

8.2 The customer agrees to keep the goods in returnable condition until such time as payment has been made to the satisfaction of the seller.


9 Miscellaneous

Loyalty points are only provided for purchases made on-line, and excludes printed and non-catalogue items. Points may be exchanged for a love to shop voucher, or taken as a credit on your account. From 2017, all points must be redeemed by 31st December of each year.  Points total will be reset to zero at the start of each calendar year.

9.1 As a registered user under the Data Protection Act any personal data held about the customer may be used to advise of offers, new products and other options in which the customer may, from time to time, be interested. This information will only be used by Pentland Format Office Supplies and will not be passed on to any third party.

9.2 All contracts entered into via the seller’s website are governed by the rules applicable in Scottish Law and under the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.