How to order from us:

Existing customersplease use the login details to access the site, then follow instructions below.

New customers - please fill in the online account form - we will then contact you very quickly with login and password details.

(Everyone can browse our site to look at prices etc, before ordering, and whenver possible, we will price match a genuine like for like item)

When you are ready:

Simply browse our site, looking for items by department, group,code, description or brand, or use the Cartridge Finder if you are not sure what codes your printer uses.

When you have found the item double-click on it and you will see more details about the product, such as an extended description and weight.

You will also notice buttons to direct you to social sites so you can tell your friends or colleagues about a particular item.

If you find a product you might want to order again you can save it to your Favourites list using the red heart button.

Click the 'Add to basket' button next to the item and watch it 'fly' to the basket where you can see a summary of the number of items and order total.

When you have added all the items you require to the basket, click the 'Go To Basket' button to view the basket.

You can remove items by clicking the red X, or change the quantities as required and remember to click 'Update Basket'.

When you are happy everything is ok click 'Checkout'.

At this point you will be promted to follow 4 steps to complete your order.

And finally, an email confirmation will be sent to you.